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Cocooned is a documentary I presented and edited featuring the Wildlife Trusts and the Natural History Museum, London.

Finding an elusive animal isn't easy - especially when it only comes out during the night!
Very few people have actually seen this elusive species in the wild, and the number of sightings is decreasing which we believe is due to some troubling reasons: climate change, insecticides, lack of research, and lack of communication between specialists. With the help of some generous local experts who were keen to help showcase this unsung icon of Spain, and a great deal of perseverance, the legendary Spanish moon moth is captured on film in ways never seen before!

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  • 'Coming Soon'

'Coming Soon'

I'm currently working on my next film
I'm always looking to working with new people, if you are interested in getting involved with my new film or if you think you can help out do get in touch with me.

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WHat Do I DO?

I think the natural world is pretty incredible, it's down right amazing. Wherever it is - forests, mountains, cities, there's always a story to be told. There's always incredible people to tell theses stories too, people that work hard to protect, conserve, research and help the natural world. Whoever you speak to will always find a fascinating story to tell. Alas there are also many people that could have more of a interest or even a concern for the biological brethren that define our world.
I like to try to enthral people, my main medium for this is filmmaking - I think film and storytelling is one of the most powerful methods of communication. Also, bringing people together. When I can, I  like to put on events with musicians, artists and speakers to inspire people to get more involved with the natural world.

WHo I've worked With

  • The Wildlife Trusts
  • The Natural History Museum, London
  • Graellsia Ecotourismo
  • Insect Park - San Lorenzo
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