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Life & beginnings

As a child I had a real passion for the natural world around me with a particular interest in identifying insects - whether it be in my garden, on the pavement or in the countryside where I would spend my summers, I would always be excited to try to find something new. This is an enthusiasm I’ve always held onto, even when indulging myself with other interests like, design, sound recording, art and music. In 2015, I struck a chord, I decided to start volunteering with the Wildlife Trusts (A wildlife charity in the UK). The Wildlife Trusts had a nature reserve not too far from where I lived where they were working to protect one of the UK’s rarest butterflies, the Heath Fritillary, which to me was very exciting given my particular interest in insects. This experience opened up the world of wildlife conservation for me and inspired me to start communicating the natural, putting previous skills to good use - whether it be designing websites and posters for wildlife events or editing video and audio to create a film. The years have past since 2015 and as I write this (in 2018) the Heath Fritillary numbers have quadrupled at the reserve where I worked which truly gives me hope. To give other people more hope about conservation, I feel much like my own experience, they need to experience wildlife conservation and learn about the ups and downs. Rather than just ignoring it, losing hope and sweeping it under the rug. I hope to do the best I can to engage all audiences, all walks of life, to learn what they need to know about the natural world around us.

My filmmaking &

I think the natural world is pretty incredible, it's down right amazing. Wherever it is - forests, mountains, cities, there's always a story to be told. There's always incredible people to tell theses stories too, people that work hard to protect, conserve, research and help the natural world. Whoever you speak to will always find a fascinating story to tell. Alas there are also many people that could have more of a interest or even a concern for the biological brethren that define our world.
I like to try to enthral people, my main medium for this is filmmaking - I think film and storytelling is one of the most powerful methods of communication. Also, bringing people together. When I can, I  like to put on events with musicians, artists and speakers to inspire people to get more involved with the natural world.

A few names I've worked With:

  • The Wildlife Trusts
  • The Natural History Museum, London
  • Graellsia Ecotourismo
  • Insect Park - San Lorenzo