Species spectacle

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To raise awareness of wildlife conservation and
raise money for local nature reserves in Essex.

About the Event


End of Year Endangered Species Spectacle was an event hosted by myself to gather local creators to help local nature reserves. This included performances by musicians inspired by wildlife and a gallery displaying artwork, photography and poetry produced of local endangered species. The night also included a few short talks by me, highlighting the changes that will happen in 2019 and the work done in 2018 for threatened species across the UK.

I feel, as did many others that contributed to the night, that creators are an critical component of publicising todays issues with the natural world. All contributors were over the moon to support the cause, some performances even tailored for the event. Some of the creators have worked with me before, I decided to do it at the end of the year to bring fellow creators together and also, inspire the public to get involved with wildlife in the new year.

A special thanks to all the musicians that participated in the event:
SIN Music
Levent & Taylor
George Berry
A special thanks to all those who contributed to the event gallery:
Claire Cattano
Sam Trower
Tom di Capite
Andrew Armstrong
Jack Cooper
Hannah Cattano
A special thanks to those who did photography and sound:
Kamila Biriulynaite
Gary Franklin
James Clarke
Andrew Kenyon
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