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For 4 years I have been working with a number of different organisations  to increase the diversity of individuals involved and interested in Wildlife.


Whether it's on the street, on the stage or in a conference, fighting for wildlife and educating those on the issues facing our fragile ecosystem is a passion rooted in my life and work. I believe deep down every individual has a love for the natural world and it's just a matter of nurturing that passion. Bringing new audiences into the world of wildlife conservation has been a major focus of mine over the years.

I've been fortunate to have had a wide demographic attend my events but as an individual in my 20's I've now accepted my generation will be the ones deciding if our wildlife has a future. It's more critical than ever for others my age to share concerns about our ecology. In order to reach out to those in my age bracket, I've had to bring wildlife events to new places, people and platforms - working with record labels, venues, and the wider media to do so.

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