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Adobe Premiere Pro| Adobe After Effects | Logic Pro | Photoshop | Davinci Resolve
The software listed above Ihave had 5+ years of experience with and have taken the time to learn new and exciting programs like DaVinci Resolve -relatively new to the market. I often merge all these skills into singular video projects too - please see my testimonials!

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1080P Cinematic RAW| Ultra HD Cinematic RAW| 4K Cinematic Raw
I have a number of in-house equipment I used that allow me to film cinematic 4KRAW. For larger production, I can hire additional equipment and or camera operators, drones or the ability to shoot 6k - 8k footage.


Music Event Promotion | Music Videos | Documentary Filmmaking | Live Events
Above are fields that I have had the most experience in but are not my limitation.
I have found myself working with many wildlife conservation charities, which I have charity rates for, please enquire.


Cambridge | London
I'm very lucky to have travelled and filmed around the world but I am currently based in Cambridge.

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